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Family Law

Our Family Law Attorneys are committed to resolve your with family-related legal matters

The Family Law Attorneys at Eric Boles Law Firm in Tampa Florida are committed to assist your with family-related legal matters with honest, straightforward counsel and experienced legal representation. When you and your family is in the midst of a legal crisis or issue and you are overwhelmed and intimidated by the legal system a Family Law attorney will guide you through all of your legal options and answer any questions you may have about how various decisions could impact your future and the future of your family. We work hard to reduce your stress as we help you through the litigation process.

The Eric Boles Law Firm handles a range of Family Law matters, including the practice areas of: divorce and legal separation, high net worth divorce, executive divorce, military divorce,  child custody and child visitation, child support, division of marital property, spousal support and alimony, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, paternity,  separation agreements, birth certificates, adoption, parental relocation, paternity establishment, domestic violence, modification, power of attorney and juvenile dependency.

Our Family Lawyers provide litigation Hillsborough (Tampa), Pasco (Dale City and New Port Richey), Pinellas Clearwater and St. Petersburg), Manatee (Bradenton) and Sarasota Counties; and practicing Family Law throughout Florida.

Florida Family Law Attorneys are counselors and advocates who are bound by the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct which are developed and regulated by the Florida Bar. Florida law requires Family Law attorneys protect their clients’ interests, everything a client tells his/her attorney, with limited exceptions, is confidential

Contact an experienced Florida Family Lawyer

The Eric Boles Law Firm in Tampa, Florida prides ourselves on being honest, reliable and committed to your rights and will provide you with a consultation to effectively understand your Family Law case. Family law issues are intensely personal for the people experiencing them. No matter how many times we have dealt with similar situations in the past, we do not treat them as routine. Every family is unique. At Eric Boles Law Firm, we take a fresh approach to every situation and create a customized solution designed specifically to address each client’s concerns and goals. For a consultation with a Family Lawyer of Eric Boles Law Firm complete the contact form (click here) or do not hesitate to call (813) 933-7700. We work closely with you and address your concerns, advise you about your rights, and provide practical litigation to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Family Law Sections

Family Law Sections


The Eric Boles Law Firm in Tampa represents birth parents and adoptive parents in adoption and guardianship proceedings

Birth Certificates

Attorney Eric Boles provides thorough and attentive services in legal matters concerning birth certificates.

Child Custody

Issues that involves children residence and contact often cause the bitterest disputes – let the legal experience at the Eric Boles Law Firm work for you

Child Support

A Family Lawyer at Eric Boles Law Firm helps you to obtain accurate to establishing child support in Florida considering all relevant factors

Division of Property

During a divorce the Eric Boles Law Firm helps you with the division of property – probably the most complicated part of ending your marriage


The Divorce Attorney at the Eric Boles Law Firm understands that everyone’s situation is different and it requires personal attention to your case

Domestic Violence

Our Family Law Attorneys are committed to resolve your Domestic Violence related legal matters

Juvenile Dependency

Our juvenile dependency Attorney in Tampa will counsel you on proceedings involving allegations of abuse, neglect, or abandonment

Nuptial Agreements

The Eric Boles Law Firm can help you to prevent future financial surprises and ruin by setting up a formal premarital agreement

Parental Relocation

At the Eric Boles Law Firm in Tampa our attorneys help you to negotiate and litigate over parental relocation under the guidelines of Florida Law

Paternity Establishment

The Eric Boles Law Firm knows that in Florida legal matters relating to paternity testing for fathers are often emotional and contentious

Power of Attorney

The Eric Boles Law Firm in Tampa, Florida will walk you through your options for creating a proper power of attorney

Separation Agreements

Our experienced Family Law Attorneys in Tampa will ensure that your rights are protected in the terms and conditions of your separation agreement

Spousal Support

The Eric Boles Law Firm in Tampa, Florida is adept in working on behalf of our clients on spousal support and alimony matters